Why AXΩ?

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Find out below why some of our members went AXO!

"I chose Alpha Chi Omega because right from the very beginning I could tell these women would help me reach my fullest potential and make me become the best version of myself. From recruitment, to bid day, to initiation - I have felt loved and supported, able and competent. I am constantly motivated to pursue my passions and to try new things because I've seen the tremendous courage and success of my friends. Here I am three years later, feeling so lucky to have experienced so many wonderful opportunities, just hoping that I can set that same example for other people. There is no way that I would feel as strong or as confident as I do today without these women by my side and I am forever grateful. LITB!"
-Annalise Castro/Pledge Class '14

"I chose Alpha Chi Omega because throughout the rounds I saw that I was having real conversations with very driven and motivated women. They genuinely cared about ME and the values I wanted in a sorority. They also were all so passionate about Domestic Violence Intervention Program (our philanthropy) which was truly inspiring to me. During my time as an Alpha Chi, I have found a group of women who are each so individually unique, but who I also really connect and relate to. I am amazed each and every day with the amount of dedication and enthusiasm my sisters have when pursuing their goals and dreams in life, and I am continuously striving to be just like them: Real. Strong. Women."
-Andrea Birtles/Pledge Class '15

"The first time I walked into Alpha Chi Omega, I knew I found the place where I belonged.  I even cried during two different rounds of recruitment, just because I could not believe that it was possible, on a college campus 277 miles away, to find a place that felt so much like home.  And sometimes I like to think it was destined – my mom was in AXO at Iowa, along with two of my aunts.  But other times, I know that I would not be a part of this amazing chapter if it were not for the real strong women that I met during recruitment who made me fall in love with being an Alpha Chi. I have made so many memories and met some of my closest friends, and I get to share it all with my mom, who is my favorite sister! :)" 
-Allison Rowe/Pledge Class '16

"When I was going through recruitment, I was so excited to find my home. As soon as I walked into Alpha Chi I knew I was home! The girls are bright and bubbly, and I love being around them all. Along with the amazing friendships I have made, Alpha Chi gave me a philanthropy and sisterhood, it made me feel safe and welcomed. I'm so glad I went Alpha Chi!”
-Miranda Juarez/Pledge Class '17